Ecuador Tourist Programs

Quito is the capital of Ecuador and it has a combination of modern and colonial architecture, with beautiful valleys and diversity of climates among its surroundings.



DAY 1. Attendance in the airport and transfer to the hotel.
DAY 2. CITY LINE visiting the colonial center and traveling to churches such as San Agustín, La Catedral, La Compañia and San Francisco. San Francisco is built on Incan ruins and it is one of the biggest churches built inside an urban helmet in Latin America. El Panecillo, a natural mirador, is a representation of the Virgin of Legarda. Later on we will continue our journey through the city.At the Middle of the World, you can walk in the two hemispheres. There will have lunch and in the afternoon we will return to the hotel.
DAY 3. Very early in the morning we will travel to Otavalo where we will have a experience the indigenous culture. In the itinerary a visit to the Guayllabamba Zoo is planned. It isone of the most beautiful zoos in South America. Then in Cayambe we will delight with a typical breakfast. We will observe the lake San Pablo and finally the indigenous market. Later we will have lunch and then visit San Antonio de Ibarra, characteristic for its wood carved crafts. In the afternoon we will return to Quito.
DAY 4. In the morning we will visit Mindo in order to observe a great variety of beautiful insects that they live there. Later on we will carry out a great adventure by yacht along the Mindo River. After th AfAfter this, we will be served a delicious lunch. In the afternoon we will visit the orquideario, where we will see more than one hundred species of the Queen of Flowers.


In the Ecuadorian Mountains there are some beautiful cities that are part of the ranges surrounded by mountains, valleys and active volcanoes.


We will leave very early in the morning for Baños, on the way we will cross the Avenue of the Volcanoes  and we will see Cayambe, Antizana, Cotopaxi, Ilinizas, and Tungurahua. When we reach Baños, we will have breakfast and later on we will visit the cascade "De la Novia." After that we will visit the zoological park. In the afternoon we will have lunch and then go to see the volcano Tungurahua. After that we will visit the cascade "Pailón del Diablo". At night we will return to Quito

DAY 1. We will reachreahchreach Baños and have lunch. In the afternoon we will visit the sanctuary of the virgin of Agua Santa and then a museum. Later on we will take a short walk to see the volcano Tunguragua where we will have time to see the eruption of volcano. At night we will go to a thermal water pool. After that we will visit the city in the night.
DAY 2.-In the morning after breakfast, we will go to the east by car to see several types of earth, a beautiful cloudy forest, and several cascades; Agoyán and Mantel of the Girlfriend. Then we will take a short walk to see "Pailón del Diablo" Cascade. Return to Baños. After lunch we will visit the cascade Inés María.


Crossing the Avenue of Volcanoes, we will go to Cotopaxi, considered one of the most marvelous lands in all of Ecuador. Cotopaxi is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world (5,897 m). It is considered a national park and ecological Ecuadorian reservation, with 36,000 hectares. Here you will have the opportunity to admire the moon of Limpiopungo surrounded by wild life and animals. Lunch will be provided in a restaurant in the town

Quito Ecuador