Ecuador Tourist Programs

The blue planet preserves the last vestiges of nature in the young american continent. Any place where the tourist looks, he or she will find experience the magic of this region.

Ecuador and Galápagos is located in the heart of South America and it is also crossed by the Equinoccial Line or Parallel ZERO, dividing the world into two hemispheries. This is a unique place, where the rays of the sun fall down perpendicularly, and when combined with the topography of the territory, Ecuador permits its inhabitants and tourists to experience all the seasons and temperatures in one day, with the mountains, jungles, enchanted islands, marvellous beaches, endemic species, natural parks, patrimonial cities, Inca' s vestiges, all of which offer a taste of Earthly paradise.

We have many tourist programs that will help´you on your visit to the Galapagos Islands and give you the pleasure to observe the species that inspired Charles Darwin to think about the Theory of the Evolution. If you have the desire for adventure in the jungle, we have the Amazonas wild basin, where our State has declared several protected areas and ecological reserves, making it possible to leave the countryside untouched.

Ecuador map
You can also find another zone with similar characteristics of adventure. The mountains which are always covered with snow offer great pleasure to the eyes and feet of climbers. You can climb to some craters of volcanos that are in the eruptive process. You can visit and enjoy voyages in boats through the most beautiful lakes., we will invite you on a city tour to see some of the most important Ecuadorian cities where you can discover colonial churches and arts that have been declared by the UNESCO Patrimony of the humanity.