Ecuador Beaches Programs


This beautiful beach on the blue coast of Ecaudor is located one hour and thirty minutes from the city of Guayaquil. During this journey, you can appreciate a variety of landscapes and shades of colors that change abruptly as you approach the beach. On this road you can observe typical towns of the coast. Salinas has a very high quality infrastructure and it offers all type of services. Here you will have the opportunity to play sports such as fishing, surfing, wind surfing, and water skiing.

YOU CAN VISIT CERRO BLANCO PROTECTIVE FOREST Cerro Blanco is an ecological reservation of the tropical forest, a marvelous place that harbors many animals such as butterflies, small lizards, and more than forty species of mammals such as howling monkies, guantas and saínos. Cerro Blanco is very well known for its diversity of birds with more than 190 species that include 30 types of rapacious birds, sparrow hawks and others. YOU CAN VISIT ONE BANANA PLANTATION

Ecuador is the biggest exporter of bananas and shrimp in the world. During this visit we will have the opportunity to visit a banana plantation. We will see how the fruit is prepared for export, and alsowe will see plantations of other exports like cocoa, coffee and plantations of sugar cane.


This beach is considered one of the main tourist beach centers in Ecuador. Here you will enjoy the sun, sand, and sea while you enjoy a caipiriña cocktail. You can also see a typical marimba dance. At night we will be able to go dancing at a disco.


This is a beach that is considered a national park. It is located in Manabí county, wheremany important Ecuadorian tribes lived during the prehispanic time. You can learn more about their cultures in the museums here.
DAY 1. Arrival to Manta and receptio, then transfer to Puerto López. During this trip we will visit Monte Cristi, which is famous for its crafts of toquilla straw. Later we will go to Pila. Upon arrival to the hotel in Pila, we will have lunch. In the afternoon we will visit Friars' Beach, considered the most beautiful of the country. At night we will have dinner.
DAY 2. Breakfast. Then we will sail to Silver Island and travel the paths in order to observe pickers and masked paws, frigates and tropical birds, and small colonies of marine wolves. From June to September; seabirds and the impressive migration of whales can also be observed. Lunch will be in a box, dinner and lodging at the hotel.
DAY 3. Breakfast, free day in order to coordinate interesting walks through the dry tropical southern forest of the world, or practice fishing in the hotel. Lunch, dinner, and lodging.
DAY 4. Breakfast and then tracel to Manta or Portoviejo to take transpotation to return to Quito. Also on this day we will visit one of the important museums in the area.

Machalilla Beach
Puerto López - Machalilla Beach